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Direct Access to Your Biggest Fans

Connect with the fans that care the most

Create your own fanclub
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Build a Club of Superfuns

Connect directly with your biggest fans and make them feel loved! Segment your audience and identify the real superfans!

Sell premium content and exclusive merchandise

Sell physical and digital products such as t-shirts or training videos directly in the chat feed. Fans can make purchases without leaving the app!

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Get to Know Your Fans and Their Interests

Show your most loyal fans how much they mean to you! Target sub-groups of fans and direct offers, gifts and recommendations to the fans that love them most!

Fans You Can Truly Rely On!

Build your own community of fans and kickstart movements led by you! With direct access to your most loyal fans you can create something amazing!

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Find out who your real superfans are

Quantify fandom and see the engagement of individual fans. Build a community of your closest followers.

Get the Most From Your Fans

  • Build and grow your own fan community
  • Identify and engage with your biggest fans
  • Send targeted product recommendations
  • Pre-sell tickets
  • Kickstart fan movements
  • Win early support for new projects
  • Raise funds for events
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